Welcome back to Pembrokeshire!

The balmy evenings of last Summer seem a long time ago. The world has changed a huge amount since then when we briefly managed to enjoy some freedom. But, with Spring now well and truly upon us things are beginning to feel much more positive. Despite all the uncertainty, worry and sadness we’ve emerged with one thing still very certain, Pembrokeshire is just as beautiful as the last time you visited!

The beaches have spent the best part of the winter deserted save for the rolling stormy waves shaping the sands and dunes. The coastal path has seen only the boots of the resolute locals who have taken up their daily exercise and discovered the beauty that is on their doorstep. Our visitor attractions have kept their gates firmly locked, eerily quiet apart from maintenance jobs and perhaps the daily feed of animals that are desperate to be watched and photographed! As you drive the coastal road up towards St David’s from Broad Haven through Newgale and Solva, you’d be forgiven for almost convincing yourself that the countryside looks refreshed after a fallow year! Nature has been the real winner in the last 12 months that’s for sure.

Pembrokeshire folk are a pretty tough bunch. But, with thousands of local jobs reliant on tourism and hospitality it’s been a terrifying 12 months for many. However, the prospect of seeing visitors return and our county burst back into life has been something that has kept many going through the long, dark winter days. Our businesses have been rocked to their foundations, but we’ve fought on. We’ve fought on as we love what we do. You have to have a passion for what you do in this industry or you’d have given it all up a long time ago for an easier life clocking in at 9 & out at 5! We’ve held on tight, kept the wolf from the door and dreamt of the moment when our Leaders gave the nod to unlock. Normality signalled by the A40 once again becoming jammed with caravans heading for the coastal campsites, and eager families checking in at their B&B retreat for a long weekend!

We are still a long way from normality, whatever that is these days, and we have to continue to take a cautious and sensible approach as we are slowly unlocked. If we take care of ourselves and others, follow sensible guidance and show some respect for this horrible virus then I am sure that this summer Pembrokeshire can be the best place to be in the UK.

So, please come and visit us – take a picnic on Freshwater West, go surfing at Newgale, take the boat out to Skomer Island for some puffin watching, take a stroll around St David’s Cathedral, spend the evening in Broad Haven watching the sunset over St Brides Bay and of course, come and see us at Martha’s Vineyard on Milford Waterfront!

We’ve spent the winter refurbishing our bar area, developing a great new menu packed with local produce and we have some amazingly lip-smacking new wines for you to taste! But more about all of this in a few weeks just before we re-open.

We’ve missed you all, it’s been pretty lonely, but like old friends reuniting we know that we will soon be back together – laughing, creating memories and living our best lives!

Welcome back to beautiful Pembrokeshire!


Credit – Across our site you will see some beautiful images of Pembrokeshire. These have all very kindly been provided to us by Tim at Prints of Pembrokeshire. He has some stunning pictures so go over and take look at his website!